Q: How long will it take to do my windows?

A: The time it takes to complete a service at your home will vary depending on the number of windows, access to them, duration of time past since your last professional service and the type of windows you have. A general time can be guessed at 8-10 windows per hour for interior, exterior, ledges and screens.

Q: I’ve already set up my appointment, what do I need to do to prepare for service?

A: There is really nothing you need to do. I will tend to any obstacles, and care for all items near or around the window area. Some clients prefer to move items out of their garden windows, and from windowsills to quicken the process, but it is not expected or required.

Q: What do you use for a cleaning solution? Is it safe for my pets?

A: At Reveal I use only biodegradable, non-harsh cleaning solutions, safe for the environment and yes, safe for your pets.

Q: Can I set up a regular cleaning schedule?

A: Yes, of course!  Many of my clients do, I will happily schedule your next service before I leave, and if you prefer, services for up to one year in advance.